Even is a young NGO, YARDO Institute is open to cooperation with all organizations - from leading corporations and government agencies to the newest societies and SMEs - in order to find valuable solutions for solving real needs. Through its fields of competence combined with strategic objectives, are followed:

• effectively strengthening innovation;

• expanding scientific and technical capabilities;

  1. anticipating and responding more quickly to emerging industry guidelines;

  2. IT development

• engaging youth people on labor market;

• protection of intellectual property assets.

    In addition, in collaboration with YARDO, involved parties can learn various practical methods of innovation, bringing their organizations new ways of thinking and transfer of know-how.

YARDO's mission is to conduct research first class, also including educational activities and training, and to generate knowledge and apply innovative, advanced industrial technology and services to the community. YARDO has peak capabilities in engineering design, analysis and testing, applying engineering principles through its research groups in order to increase economic improvements in the safety and quality of life level.

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